Volunteers Needed!

BikeMS Safety team is directed by MS Society staff.

MS SCRAM works along with Route Safey Partners from:

Our Communications Support is Critical to Route Safety!

We support the cause by providing radio communications and enhance route safety for BikeMS rides.

We strongly believe that good communication creates a safer and more enjoyable event.

Who is needed?

Radio Communications Team Coordinators & Rest Stop Communications Captains are currently needed for pre-event planning of each rest stop communications team. Contact us if you are interested.

During the tours, radio operators are needed for:

You can volunteer as a radio communications member by clicking here.

There are also multiple positions available to non-licensed individuals. Make it a family event! We can team you up with a licensed ham and you may get on the air using their license. Equipment, set-up, tear-down, recruitment, education, planning, and more, are examples of the positions available.

Communications Team Partners include:

If your club is not listed here, contact us.